India! The country with amazing diversity and wonders has many champions. All these are real facts and real records. Most of them are certified by authentic record books like Guiness Book of Records & Limca Book of Records. I am trying to tabulate as many as I can. Please help me in my efforts by adding more facts and records.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Bar Headed Goose (Anser indicus) is recorded to have flown to an amazing height of 10175 m (33,382 feet). Thus they can easily cross the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest which has an altitude of 8,848 m (29,028 feet).
This highest flier goose breeds in Central Asia in colonies of thousands near mountain lakes. It lays 3-8 eggs in a ground nest. During summer the bird grazes on short grass near high altitude lakes.
The Bar-headed Goose migrates over the Himalayas to spend the winter in the wetland bound plains of Northern India, Northern Burma and the wetlands of Pakistan. The winter habitat of the Bar-headed Goose is on cultivation, and the bird feeds on barley, rice and wheat. It has a slightly larger wing area for its weight than other geese. It is believed this helps the goose to fly so high.