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Monday, May 21, 2007


World's fastest and the deadliest cruise missile is the Brahmos. Developed by BrahMos Corporation, a joint venture between India and Russia, the cruise missile, has a range of about 280 km, and can attain a speed exceeding Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), which is the fastest in the world. It can carry 200-300 kg payload of conventional warhead mass depending on the version. It can be launched both from sea and land. The missile was first test-fired on June 12, 2001. The first test fire was a successful one.

The missile is marginally over eight meters in length, 670 mm in diameter and weighs 3,000 kg. It combines the propulsion system and self-homing device of Russian's "Yakhont" or "Onyx" system with on-board computer equipment developed by Indian defence scientists.

News Update: 21st June 2007 : The Indian army today became the first force in the world to be armed with surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missile, with the induction of 290 km range Brahmos missile.

With all the four test firings of the missile, including two conducted by army personnel going flawless, the surface- to-surface version of the Brahmos, which would provide tactical battle edge to the army, is being inducted a year ahead of schedule.

The missile was formally handed over to Army Chief General J J Singh byPresident A P J Abdul Kalam, who is also the supreme commander of the Armed forces.

However, the actual delivery of the missile would commence next month, almost a year ahead of the scheduled induction fixed earlier for July, 2008, when two mobile batteries and mobile command post would be handed over to the army.

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