India! The country with amazing diversity and wonders has many champions. All these are real facts and real records. Most of them are certified by authentic record books like Guiness Book of Records & Limca Book of Records. I am trying to tabulate as many as I can. Please help me in my efforts by adding more facts and records.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Chundan Vallam (Beaked Boat) known to outside world as Kerala snake boats has the record as "the biggest water vessel used for sports purpose". Chundan Vallam is one of the icons of Kerala culture used in Vallamkali (boat race). Constructed according to specifications taken from the Sthap Athya Veda, an ancient treatise for the building of wooden boats. These boats are about 100 to 138 ft in length, with the rear portion towering to a height of about 20 ft. and a long tapering front portion. It resembles a snake with its hood raised. Its hull is built of planks precisely 83 feet in length and six inches wide. The boats float low in the water and have a long curving stern. The prow is pointed in shape or may have a decorative knob at the end. The prow rides low in the water with the length of the Snake Boat extending behind it.

The 'Snake Boat' Nadubhagom 41.1 m 135 ft long From Kerala, southern India has a crew of 109 rowers and nine 'encouagers'. The 100-138 feet long canoes made of a forest wood locally called "Aanjili thadi" carrying 90- 110 rowers which moves like a snake through the channels (hence the name), is an eye catching sight for any tourist.

Aries Punnamada Chundan, an initiative of the Aries Group of Companies, is widely acclaimed to be the longest Snake Boat with a length of 144 ft. It is also the first Snake Boat to be constructed in steel. This `chundan' has found place in the Limca Book of Records for the longest snake boat made of steel. K Surendrababu from Kainakari was the chief architect of this 'chundan'. 'Aries Chundan', the first ever snake boat made of steel, is all set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for accommodating the largest canoe crew of 141.

Snake Boat races festivals are held in many venues in Kerala, India, but the races in Alappuzha held just before the Onam festival are the best known. Teams of rowers compete for the Nehru Trophy. The rowers pull with all their might, sitting two in row along the length of the Snake Boat. Apart from rowers, the Snake boat carries a cox, and leaders who maintain the rhythm of rowing through chants, songs and exclamations.


Vinay Kumar said...

Hey...its of greatest pleasure to update you all that Aries Snake Boat has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the 'Largest Canoe Crew',Carrying 141 crew members on board. ! ! ! -Vinay

the real longest canoe builder said...

Please be aware that it is not the worlds longest canoe. it is awesome though.

the real longest canoe builder said...

Please be aware that Nokomis High school in Newport, Maine USA holds the world record for the longest canoe...141 feet and 1 inch.