India! The country with amazing diversity and wonders has many champions. All these are real facts and real records. Most of them are certified by authentic record books like Guiness Book of Records & Limca Book of Records. I am trying to tabulate as many as I can. Please help me in my efforts by adding more facts and records.

Monday, February 1, 2016


The largest playable flute is 3.63 m (11 ft 11 in) in length and was achieved by Bharat Sinh Parmar, Charunsudan Atri Jay Bhayani, and 5 Navtanpuri Dham (all from India) as measured in Jamnagar, India, on 25 December 2014, according to Guinness book of records.

The flute was used to play the Indian national anthem in a public performance by an artist in a public function at Khijda mandir during the Golden Jubilee function of Pranami Dharma Acharya Pith. Thousands of people had gathered to listen to the Indian national anthem played using world’s longest flute.

According to organizers, this flute has been made after one and half month long efforts by a group led by Kinjal Karsaria. According to Kinjal, the previous record of world’s longest flute is enjoyed by China with a 10.6 ft long flute.

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