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Friday, March 28, 2008


About 20% Indians are strict vegetarians. With a population of more than 120 crore (12 billion) the vegetarian population is more than 24 crore (2.4 billion), largest in the world. There are 744 vegetarian communities comprising 16% of the population, prominent among them being, Jains and Vaishnavas. Large parts of population from Southern India, Northern India and Western India are vegetarians.

the staple food of Indians being rice & chapati (made from wheat flour), in a strictly vegetarian diet, the requirement of protein is met by plant sources such as soyabean and other lentils. However body protein intake and assimilation rate is higher if more than one type of plant proteins are eaten together.


BreathOfTheMorning said...

By various sources 30-40% of Indian population is lacto vegetarian. Veganism (not even milk or eggs) is still uncommon in India.

Raju said...

Yes u are right. Although milk is derived from animals, Milk and milk products are very popular foods for vegetarians in India.

Anonymous said...

The world population isn't 10billion yet